Cenomi Academy

Cenomi Academy

Cenomi Academy, one of the institutes of strategic partnerships, offers various programs in the retail sector, in strategic partnership with the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation.

With the support of (Hadaf) from the Human Resources Development Fund, in line with Vision 2030.

Learning Begins With Us

Introducing Cenomi Academy the premier destination for retail training and development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia In partnership with the Technical and Vocational Training. We are committed to supporting and enhancing the Saudi retail industry as part of Vision 2030. Our mission is to provide top notch training and development opportunities for all retail professional and retails across KSA .

Our greatest asset is our reputation for developing talented individuals who operate in the retail industry. We believe it is our duty to assist all teams in developing their competencies and leadership skills to enhance their career paths and improve their skills. Our state of the art training facilities, including classrooms, VR, cash training, and computer labs, provide an immersive and interactive learning experience.


Training Programs


Number of Trainees


Learning Hours





Learning Methods

Cenomi Academy Computer Training

Computer Training

In the 21st century technology skills are imperative, so all trainees will receive computer training as part of their curriculum.

Classroom Training

During their programme, trainees will undergo classroom-based training that provides them with theoretical and knowledge-based skills. Additionally, they will gain an understanding of the policies and processes governing marketplace roles.

Cash Training

A crucial part of the Retail,Food & Beverage and Cinema Sectors is the effective training of dealing with cash.
In order for trainees to become proficient in dealing with cash, they will undergo training within their respective programmes

On the Job Training

During On-the-Job Training, trainees will learn from experienced trainers and mentors in a real-life situation , enhancing their skills as well as testing their knowledge and understanding.


In Virtual Reality, trainees will experience different simulated environments to prepare them for the different situations they may encounter in the real workplace environments.

Mock Up Store

The trainee will practice different selling scenarios in mock up stores with the trainers after accomplishing other training methods

Selection and Assessment

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