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General Information about the Diploma

Where is the academy Licensed from?

The academy licensed from the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and the British City and Guilds.

What is the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation?

It is the government agency responsible for technical and vocational training in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1400 Hijri \1980AD

What is City and Guilds?

City and Guilds brings over 140 years of experience in working with people, companies and economies to identify and develop the skills they need to thrive.

What are the programs offered?
  1. Retail Sales Representative Diploma
  2. Retail Store Manager Diploma
  3. Diploma in Brand Area Manager
  4. Brand Manager Diploma
How long is the diploma?

The diploma is 24 months.

What if I don’t study for the full 24 months, can I still obtain the certificate?

To obtain a diploma, 24 months must be completed. As for semester grades, you can print them from your academic account.

Are there other programs available to me?

Our current curriculum is live and we will continue to add and enhance our programs as required.

What are the accreditation bodies for the diploma certificate ?

Diplomas are accredited by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and the British City and Guilds.

Is it possible to study remotely?

No, due to the nature of the diploma, it must be studied in our purpose-built facility. Remote study is not available?

What training methods do you use? ?

For each subject, there are two weeks of training in the academy and six weeks of on-the-job training in- store with the trainer

What is the main training language?

Arabic and English.

Sponsor Company

Do I pay tuition fees?

No. A total of 75% is subsidized by the Human Resources Development Fund and 25% by the sponsor.

What is the sponsor ?

It is the company with which a contract is signed before the start of the training. Training hours are completed within this company’s stores, followed by a full-time working position. The employing company, or sponsor, contributes 25% of the training cost.

Does the trainee have to take responsibility for finding a sponsor?

During the registration process on the Academy website, applicants will find a list of employing companies, or sponsors. The applicant should choose their preferred sponsor at the time of application. The Academy is responsible for bringing sponsors on board.

How many days do you train and how many working/training hours?

The training takes place eight hours per day for six days, day, interspersed with 6 hours of training hours, 2 hours of work per day for 5 days. As for the sixth day, there is on job training . Morning or evening hours vary according to the training schedule and work schedule

How much is the monthly incentives ?

As the employee contract .

Do I get medical insurance?

Yes. Medical insurance is handled by the sponsor and will therefore differ per trainee according to the individual policy of the employer.

Are there other benefits such as a monthly or annual incentive?

Incentives are provided by the employer and will very based on policy.

Is it registered with social insurance?

Yes, this beings from day one of training.

Will I be promoted after the end of the program to a higher level?

Promotion if subject to evaluation, performance and available opportunities with each individual employer.

Registration Information

What are the registration steps?
  1. Register on the website
  2. The Admission and Registration Department will communicate with the candidate to arrange for the placement tests: English and skills. This is followed by a face-to-face interview with the Academy and the employer.
  3. Successful candidates with then complete the necessary requirements and sign an employment contract.
What are the documents required for application?
  • IBAN
  • Proof of identity
  • Signed and completed registration papers.
Can I register in person at the Academy?

Registration must be completed through the website.

Are there admission requirements?
  • Must be a Saudi national(male and female).
  • Must be a High school graduate, diploma or bachelor’s graduates are not accepted
  • Have never previously been supported by the Human Resources Development Fund
  • Is not currently registered in social insurance.
Is there a uniform for the trainees?

Yes, there will be a uniform that trainees must adhere to during the training and work period.

What are placement tests?
  1. An English language test supervised by Cambridge College
  2. A skills test to determine which program is best suited to you.
Are there holidays?

Candidates will have one day of leave per week and 21 paid annual leave days as well as paid Eid holiday leave.

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